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One of the most relaxing things that I treat myself to each month is a facial. No, not one of those “complimentary” facial-turned-sales-blitz fiascos, I mean a real facial. And though I care little who changes my oil or balances my tires, I only go to Angelica (just Angelica – one name - like Madonna) for facials.

Soft, relaxing music, dim lights and her comfortable, reclining chair are only the beginning. Next, heated mitts go on over well-lotioned hands and a warm towel across your bare (about to be massaged) shoulders. For the remainder of the appointment, you are massaged, steamed, scented and “masked” into softer, healthier skin and (whew!) a rejuvenated spirit. Angelica's arsenal against stress and exhaustion includes acupressure, aromatherapy, scalp massages and stone therapy (where else will you find out what warm rocks between your toes does for you?). You can choose from a number of different facials, each created for different needs. Whichever you choose, you will leave feeling pampered and rested (perhaps literally…I've been known to sleep through parts of mine).

Trained in Romania & Paris, Angelica moved to Champaign five years ago after owning and operating her own studio on Michigan Avenue in Chicago for more than a dozen years. Her clients have included 20/20's Elizabeth Vargas, MSNBC's Lester Holt, Michael Jordan, Vanessa Williams and Elle Macpherson. More impressively, her clients include teenagers fighting acne (ultrasonic treatments), sinus pain sufferers (SOS eye stress relief) and a host of women and men looking for carefully administered, holistic treatments (monthly facial appointments).

You won't find any advertisements for Angelica's services, but you will find her client list long, faithful and gained by word of mouth. (Much like Tips to Toes, the thorough and reasonably priced manicure/pedicure spot in downtown Champaign , all of Angelica's clients are gleaned by referral.)

By appointment only.
Angelica can be reached at 217.356-1610 or angelica@angelica-european-holistic-spa.com

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