Eye brow design $16.00
Lip wax/chin wax $32.00
Brow & lip wax combo $32.00
Brow, lip & chin combo $45.00
Sides $28.00
Bikini $45.00
Makeup Aplication $50.00
Makeup lesson $70.00
Eye lash tint $25.00
The little details that make a difference!
Eye brow tint $20.00


My experience with people of different ages taught me that covering up problem skin with heavy foundation often becomes the number one enemy to our natural beauty, especially when it is used over long periods of time. Some of us wear foundation 8 to 10 hours every day. Others of us choose to sleep in it. I have started advising teenagers to stop using over the counter foundations, which contain irritants such as synthetic perfumes, oils, dyes and fillers, and offering them a substitute. Pure Mineral Make-up provides all day coverage plus protection that will not fade, crease or smear. Formulated with Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide, the natural ingridients provide anti-inflammatory properties and are specifically helpful for acne, sensitive and rosacea prone skin. Non-comedonic and oil free minerals assist in preventing dehydration while allowing the skin to breathe, function normally and be protected from the sun. Pure Mineral Make-up can be used by all ages and on all skin types.


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